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    Default need help i cant find the right code to create UI for the opera mini 5.1.22296

    plzz i need help java masters iwant to know proper hex values after the StackMap in o.class and im confused because i found out there are 2 http in this opera mini 5.1.22296 compare to opea mini 5.1.21051 has only one http, im doing all i can so dat i can create a UI that i can edit and input a predefined server but still no luck everytime i pack my work and install my work it goes error.tanks i advanced for those java masters here who have a big heart for those people who want to learn java like me

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    1) Are you sure that your question is related to Java and not JavaScript?
    2) Your questions are somewhat general and vague and usually these questions are best answered by posting a link to a tutorial or two. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. Please read the link in my signature below on how to ask smart questions as it will give you suggestions on how to ask questions that will receive helpful answers.

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