I am an absolute beginner. I have read through and use the java URL, URLConnection, and such. I just don't know how to use them beyond reading directly from an url into a BufferedReader. ie....

URL url = new URL(UrlToFind);

BufferedReader urlin = new BufferedReader(
new InputStreamReader(
Even that I copied off the internet.

I'm gonna just state the problem here.

I use http fox to see the web traffic. This is where I'm finding the post parameters and the urls to write to...ect...

The Link:
POST cewell%20steven%20h&bt=OR&d=2%2F1%2F2011&pt=-1&st=fullname

on that page on the right side you will see:

Create Export File (which you can click on)

when you click on that, it tries to open a spread sheet, just cancel that. It's not the issue.

the web traffic for the "Create Export File" is 2 GET(s). using Http Fox in firefox the first GET has the content I want.

I thought the "Create Export File" was a href="Export.aspx" and I should be able to reference it from the url:

resulting in:


But no, it's not working that way. I know the first POST set some parameters and, in fact, they are referenced in the header of the GET from "Create Export File".

How should I be looking to access this content within a java program?