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    Whenever I'm following a tutorial, in this case, this one: Reading/Loading an Image (The Java™ Tutorials > 2D Graphics > Working with Images) , when it wants to load an image, the way the tutorials are doing it is they're loading the image from a file on the computer, how can I change the code so that it's loading the image from the actual source? Like, so I can actually pack the image into the JAR, so when I run it on a different computer, it has the image inside the JAR, and it's not trying to get it from the computer..
    Hope that's not too confusing.

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    You just need to use relative paths, for example: 'images/someImage.png". If you are using something like netbeans or eclipse, and the 'images' folder is in the project folder and added to the IDE, then when you create a jar from the project, it will be included automatically and work just fine. If you are doing it from scratch, then you need to read the man page for jar - basically there are options that allow you to include files or even specify a special classpath!

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