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    Default Testing for single string in IF

    I'm running a program and a part of it requires the user to enter Y/N to a question can anyone tell me if this test method is even the slightest bit correct for conducting such a test...

    public static boolean isAnswer(String p){
    return true;
    return false;
    }//close if-else statement
    }//close isAnswer method

    I'm simply testing true or false whether the user entered Y to continue the loop of the program or to end it. Thanks alot.

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    Don't use == to compare strings; this compares object references, not the content of the string. Use the equals() method:
    Java Code:
    if(p.equals("Y")) ...

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    IRON LION, thanks much bro...
    That's exactly what I was missing, i'm suprised though I missed something simple as that but I guess when you're deep in heavy code sometimes the small things miss us.

    Thanks again pal...

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