Hello everyone,

I am using GNS3 to emulate cisco labs while studying for various certs. I have come to needing to run SDM (Security Device Mangaer) v2.5 in some labs.

I am running w7 Home Premium, 64 OS, IE8 and Java 1.6.0_14.

After many many hours trying to get SDM to work and failing, I turned to Google for some answers. It appears that SDM isn't much of a fan for current java runtimes. Many posters have said to load various verisions, 1.5.0_9, 1.4.0_6, 1.6.0_6..10 and 0.

To be quite honest, in all the time reading posts, I could have sworn that one of them said you can have multiple verision of the runtime enviorment installed and listed, and from the java control panel, java tab, you can view the various builds and pick whatever one you want to use. So I did that and used 1.6.0_10, made sure that was the only one checked, rebooted and still have the same issue.

So before I start trying an earlier version I was wondering if I may be mistaken and/or not understanding what I read.

Am I correct in my understanding that I should be able to able to pick the version I want ran from the the java control panel?

Also, if anyone else has used or is using GNS3 and SDM in a windows7 64 bit box and IE8....who in the world have you gotten it to work.

Thanks in advance,