Okay so i have this class that is reading a text file with values in it. I want the class to return all these files so that i can input these values into the program for use. for some reason i am stuck and retrieving these values from the class. any ideas?

x has already been declared and is used as the file.

Java Code:
public class readFile{
     public void readFile(){

                // year, model, make, color, style, vin, plate, notes;
                 year = x.nextLine();
                 model = x.nextLine();
                 make = x.nextLine();
                 color = x.nextLine();
                 style = x.nextLine();
                 vin = x.nextLine();
                 plate = x.nextLine();
                 notes = x.nextLine();
                 this.year = year;
                 this.model = model;
                 this.make = make;
                 this.color = color;
                 this.style = style;
                 this.vin = vin;
                 this.plate = plate;
                 this.notes = notes;