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    Smile Simple Java Methods Help...

    Hi, I am working on a simple program where in one of the classes i have to add a static method which recursively divides a passed integer by 2 and returns a count of number of calls it takes to reach 1??

    I also have to Add a static method called "sumofcharacters" to my Recursion class that recursively sums the character values in a passed string and returns the sum. Can some one help me with how to return a count of number of calls and method that computes sums of the character values in a passed string...

    this is what i have so far....

    public static int intlog2(int n) {
    if (n == 1)
    return 1;
    return intlog2(n/2);

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    You are pretty much there, except for this just tests if the input is 1, if it is it returns 1, else it recursively goes on with half the input, it needs to count somehow each time it calls itself. Do it in your head following this thought, when do you change the count?

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