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    Default New to Java Need Help!!!

    I need some major help with this program.

    Write a class named RetailItem that holds data about an item in a retail store.
    The class should have the following fields:
    description: the description field is a String object that holds a brief description of the item.
    unitsOnHand: the unitsOnHand field is an int variable that holds the number of units currently in inventory
    price: the price field is a double variable that holds the item's retail price

    Write a public constructor method that accepts three arguments, description, units, & price, and stores the values of the arguments passed into it in the object's instance fields

    Write three public getter methods to retrieve the values from the three fields
    String getDescription( )
    int getUnitsOnHand( )
    double getPrice( )
    Write a separate class called Inventory with a main method that creates three RetailItem objects and then produces a neatly formatted table of the store's inventory (only three items)

    So far this is what i have

    public class retailItem
    private String description;
    private int unitsOnHand;
    private double price;

    public retailItem(String d, int m, double p)

    description = d;
    unitsOnHand = m;
    price = p;

    //Get the items description
    public String getDescription()
    return decription;

    //Get the Units on Hand
    public int getUnitsOnHand()
    return unitsOnHand;
    //Get the items price
    public double getPrice()
    return price;

    the output is posted as an attachment
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New to Java Need Help!!!-output.jpg  

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    Assignment dump. Check
    Code dump. Check.
    Question. Fail.

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    As Junky succinctly states, no where in your post above do you ask a coherent question. Please read the link in my signature links below on how to ask smart questions where you'll find tips on how to make your question actually answerable.

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