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    Question 3-week vacation creative project

    Hi all,

    I'm glad to be writing my first post in these great forums.
    We've just finish exams and looking for an idea for a project to be working on this vacation. We're about 20 students all new-commers to java and want to improve our self-learning and teamwork skills.

    So we need something big enough to split up on all of us, innovating and creative enough to not to make us get bored quickly and with clear concept for us to be able to finish in 3 weeks for as I said we are just beginners.

    Sorry for my bad Englich... :P
    And thanks in advance.

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    Well, I don't know your level of experience, but there are many many areas to look at in java. You can do everything from writing algorithms and compression engines, to multimedia applications that involve imagery or sound or both. Some things I have done in the past:
    Bitmap to vector image converter
    Huffman Encoder
    Chess (simple text based, or go wild and make it multiplayer on network with nice graphics)
    Directory parser that creates a disk usage graph for directories
    A tile based game
    A text based adventure game (go south, pickup axe) that kind of thing
    Connect 4
    Simulations (bunnies running around eating and reproducing)
    Conway's game of life
    IRC system with clients and a server
    RISK (the game)
    A server side preprocessor (like php or the like)

    I'll post some more if I think of some :D

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    And I'm waiting for more.

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    You didn't like the answers you got in your other thread?

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