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    Question What code is this?

    Hello I had a problem about this program that my stupid Teacher give me. The statement says that it includes looping. The program output is this :
    Enter a value: 2
    Enter a value: 1
    Enter a value: 0
    The sum is 3
    When the input is 0, it will add the non-zero digits, and if the value is not a zero digit, it will repeat the statement to input another value...This program includes LOOPING statement. like "Enter a value" will repeat if the input value is not a 0....I wish someone will post a code for this program.....BTW, the program class is not a BUFFEREDREADER or JOPTIONPANE. The program class is SCANNER....Pls. someone help me....this program is really important, otherwise Im going to fail my subject in JAVA programming.....:confused:

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