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    Default Java Computer Shop Help (Please)

    Hey guys I am still learning how to use simple java. I want to try to do this program which i found in some book, but i cant seem to get how to started. They say its a beginners program, but i found it quite difficult on how to start.

    can someone please give me some way to start the code, so i can at least look and learn.


    Here are the instructions for this java program:

    Create a pricing system for a company that makes individualized computers, such as you might see on a Website. There are two kinds of computers: notebooks and desktop computers. The customer can select the processor speed, the amount of memory, and the size of the disk drive. The customer can also choose either a CD drive (Cd rom, cd-rw), a DVD drive, or both. For notebooks, there is a choice of screen size. Other options are a modem, a network card, or a wireless network. You should have a abstract class Computer and subclasses Desktop and Notebook. Each subclass should have methods for calculating the price of a computer, given the base price plus the cost of the different options. You should have methods for calculating memory price, hard drive price, and so on. There should be a method to calculate shipping cost.


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    We've had this discussion before -- you're far better making an attempt at this first and showing us what you've got than by asking others to help you get started.

    Much luck.

    edit: and the instructions give you exactly what you need for creating the classes.
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