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    Default Help with Apace POI in setting underline

    Hi, I need to display text in the following format in the excel:

    The entire sentence should be bold and the word great should be underlined.

    This line is great buddy.

    I tried with the following code shown below. But the o/p of this is

    This line is great buddy

    which is not what I want.

    Java Code:
    HSSFCellStyle boldStyle;
    HSSFRow row;
    HSSFCell cell;
    boldStyle = _workbook.createCellStyle();
    HSSFFont textFont = _workbook.createFont();
    		row = sheet.createRow((short) currentRow);
    		cell = row.createCell((short) 0);
    		HSSFRichTextString colortext = new HSSFRichTextString("This line is great buddy");
    		colortext.applyFont(12, 17, textFont);
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