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    Default Java 2 book, is it outdated?

    I have this book that covers JDK 1.2.1 from about 10 years back in 2001/2002 when I studied Java at a university. I quickly disbanded the language for being too slow, but now I'm thinking about trying it again, perhaps make something for my android phone.

    My question is this:
    My book is JAVA How To Program - 3rd Edition, by Deitel & Deitel.
    ISBN 0-13-012507-5

    Here is a random link from google to it:
    9780130125071: Java How to Program: How to Program - AbeBooks - Deitel, Harvey;Deitel, Paul J.;Deitel, Paul: 0130125075

    Has too much changed in the latest JDK 6? Or does the book still teach me what I need to know about Java in general in order to use JDK 6 properly. OR, should I invest in the latest edition of the book? I'm thinking of main things, like syntax, use of libraries, many new functions? etc.

    I like learning from books, I find them more structured and easy on the eyes, opposed to scattered information on the Internet and continuous searching instead of easy indexing of information.

    I know I'll need additional knowledge for googles API in order to develop for android, but I'll look at that after I've brushed up on my generic Java skills.

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    Yeah, I would serious think about getting a new book.

    Or if you are confident that your skills are proficient enough then simply reading tutorials, articles about the changes in versions and the latest API might be enough to get you upto speed.

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    I mean, the core classes are the same... but... a ton of that stuff is deprecated and you don't get access to half of the things that make java a modern language (enums, generics, serialization, most of the network stack I'm guessing). Those are big topics, and should be taken advantage of -- considering the cost of a new (used) book on amazon, its worth your $10-$40 to just buy a nice java 1.6 book. Java has come a long way and is within a couple % of c++ for many operations (in some instances even faster!). Good luck!

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