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Thread: Applet problem

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    Default Applet problem

    I am using netbeans. When I run my applet in netbeans via applet viewer I see the proper output. But when I use the html generated by the netbeans from the project's directory, it doesn't show the correct output in the applet.

    A cause of the problem might be that I am calling a .exe via ProcessBuilder in the applet using a different thread, the applet didn't throw no exception or anything so i'm not sure if thats the problem. I can show code if you need to, any suggestions?

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    Perhaps it's a path issue, but who knows. Putting some debug statements into your code might help. Otherwise it's hard for us to guess what's wrong.

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    I don't think its a path issue because, I copied the needed files and executable in the directory of the net bean project.

    So I just did a test program using the following code :
    Java Code:
     public void paint(Graphics g) {
            int midX = getWidth()/2;
            int midY = getHeight()/2;
            g.drawString("Testing", midX,midY/2);
            if(comm.getApproxFounders() == null){
            final int width = 10;
            final int height = 10;
            final int spacing = 3;
            for(int i = 0; i < comm.getApproxFounders().size(); ++i){
                String s = comm.getApproxFounders().get(i);
                for(int j = 0; j < s.length(); ++j){                                
                    int y = i * (height + spacing);
                    int x = j * (width + spacing);
                    if(s.charAt(j) == '0') g.drawOval(x,y, width,height);
                    else g.drawRect(x,y, width, height);
    and using netbeans through the "Run file" command for the applet, it opened the appletviewer with the correct output as follows :

    but using the browser( google chrome ), I don't get a proper output. However I do get the confirm dialog box saying "NULL" so something is wrong. I am guessing the system is stopping the execution of the .exe but thats just a speculation. Any suggestions.

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