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    Default My Simple JAR makes Windows 7 crash?

    I developed an executable jar file using Windows XP, then I sent my jar file to two friends who have Windows 7.

    My program, among other things, does the following:

    -Creates a folder (in current directory)
    -Creates a file within that folder.
    -Read contents from the file. (the one that was created)

    Then it does various things that are not very significant, like Swing GUI among other stuff.

    NOW, this is the problem. The first friend that downloaded my program, executed it, and within a few seconds her computer crashed. When she shut it down and started it again, it was just a black screen. She basically had to do a System Restore because her computer was pretty much unoperational.

    My second friend was able to run the program just fine. However, after closing the program, her "Downloads" folder was screwed up. The folder icon was gone, and when she double clicked the Downloads folder, she would get a weird error message saying something that "it is not a valid program" or something somewhat similar to that. She basically lost access to her Downloads folder.

    Please explain, IS IT A COINCIDENCE that the two people that I sent my program to, using Windows 7, had something in their computers get messed up soon after running my program?

    My only guess is that since they probably downloaded the program into the Downloads folder, then there must be something about my jar file operating and modifying files within the Downloads folder that is somehow not right? This is just a wild guess.

    Any other ideas? Right now I am just afraid to actually send my program to anyone else... I mean the only remotely dangerous operation that it does is create and read a file???

    Although... I also have some System.out.println() statements inside my program that came from the development stage of my program that I forgot to remove. Could that cause a problem? I'm just confused that such an innocent program could have a catastrophic effect on a computer.

    Or maybe it is just a magical coincidence that this happened? But something inside of me tells me that it isn't.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceSendai View Post
    Right now I am just afraid to actually send my program to anyone else...
    Ohh yeah, even I am feeling scared to ask you to post your program here. Because no one here would like to give it a try after reading what had happened to your two friends who tried it.

    I am definitely not in a mood to go for a machine formatting or so... :p

    I can simply ask you to check whether your jar file is not sending any viruses along with it. Scan it properly and re-check.

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    Well, would modifying or writing files within the Downloads folder cause issues? In other words, would running a full executable jar within a Downloads folder cause issues?

    Do System.out. statements have any effect at all? (I assume not)

    Is there ANYTHING in java that could cause Windows 7 to crash assuming that my program is not messing with any system files?

    I don't think it is a virus? My class files make up 99 K of data, and my jar file is 57 K. Where would the virus fit? I also scanned it and no virus was found.


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