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    Default Eclipse (Clear Console Command)

    Is there a command that would clear the console window in eclipse. I asked my teacher and explained the problem with the way eclipse is set up. But in the end i will be running my java program in a Jar file. I don't have any windows from the Jframe class. everything outputs into the Console window.

    I don't want to have to use sys.out.prntln(); for clearing the screen, because that will just push it up. I want it gone. Thanks :D

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    I know of no clear screen method for standard Java consoles. There are fancy consoles out there that are not part of core Java that do have this capability, but if you're going that far, you might as well use standard Java and create a simple GUI.

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    In the console window of my version of Eclipse (Galileo) there is a clear console button (near the stop button). This is not a programmatic way of clearing the console however.

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