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    Default parseInt and getText

    I am having issues using parseInt and get Text when I write my code. can some one please tell me where I'm going wrong.

    heres the code:

    < public void pricechanger() { >
    < pCal.setpriceOfCar(Integer.parseInt(),jTextField4, getText()); } >


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    Quote Originally Posted by esallender View Post
    < pCal.setpriceOfCar(Integer.parseInt(),jTextField4, getText()); } >
    Where is the parameter for parseInt method? It takes a String usually which gets converted into integer. Refer here: Integer.parseInt

    The right way to call a method with a object reference is to use the dot operator with no space. Like,
    Java Code:
    object_variable.method_name(parameter(s) list)

    Following won't work [Considering you are calling getText() of JTextComponent.]

    Java Code:
    jTextField4, getText()

    Can you now figure out what went wrong?

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    I figured it out thanks. some times you just got to walk away and try again later.

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