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    Default Error: The java class is not found:

    Hi all,
    I wrote a simple Java program "HelloWorld". When I try to run it I am getting message in console as "The java class is not found:".. but the program compiles fine. Any specific reasons for this?

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    Make sure that the compiler can see your .class file thats generated after the compilation of your java program.

    Or you can use the -classpath or -cp option while running your java program and provide the path where your .class file reside.

    Refer here : Java Command Line

    Hope that helps,

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    is your classpath set to go somewhere else?
    also, look in the current dir of the file and use dir, is there a .class file?
    Finally, when you use java it is case sensitive.
    If you have your classpath set to some other location you can use the following
    Java Code:
    java -cp classpath classname

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