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    Default Making a loop and creating variables based off of user input

    Ok I'm just wondering how I would right a piece of code that will take user input and based off the integer entered knows how many variables to store. I sorta got stuck when reading my code and realized that all the variables would get stored in the same place and erased the previous int. Here's what I have....

    Java Code:
    public class AgeTest {
    	 * @param args
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		Scanner input = new Scanner;
    		int age;				// The age that was entered by user
    		int control = 0;		// The control variable
    		int amountusr;			// The amount of users at the time that will be entering ages
    		System.out.println("Hello, how many users will be entering ages today?\n"); // Output this text
    		amountusr = input.nextInt()
    		amountusr = control;
    		int first;
    		int second;
    		int third;
    		int fourth;
    		int fifth;
    		int sixth;
    		int seventh;
    		int eight;
    		int ninth;
    		int tenth;
    		while (control != 0)	{
    			System.out.println("What is your age?\n");
    			first = input.nextInt()
    I know this code is not the best and it isn't finished but I'm working on it and I have a test for my CS class and I would like to figure this one out so I can continue. Thanks everyone.

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    create an int[] and make it have size input.nextInt().

    Then loop through that array, for each i, prompt user to enter there age and add that input to position i in the array

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    Yes as sunde887 said use an array.

    Arrays are very fun :) and would be perfect for what you are asking.

    So a user inputs 10 for "amount of users". Now amountusr = 10. Now you can immediately create an array called users (or whatever name). And in java you need to declare an array like this.

    Java Code:
    int[] users;
    When you find out the amount of users you can add it like this.
    Java Code:
    users = new int[amountusr];
    users = new int[19];
    or the same thing.
    Java Code:
    int[] users = new int[amountusr];
    You can store integers to this array like this
    Java Code:
    users[0] = 35;
    users[1] = 25;
    users[2] = 52;
    users[3] = 16;
    so this is really cool when you use loops with them and this is what you are needing to do.

    I would try a for loop where your while loop is. You will need the array length and you can get an array length like this.

    Java Code:
    You will need to start at 0 so have your for loop go from 0 to user.length.

    if "i" is your for loop integer variable name then it might look like this.

    Java Code:
    for (int i = 0; i < users.length; i++) {
         users[i] = input.nextInt();
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