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    Default Error meassge when installing Java

    I have a question regarding an error message

    I am trying to install java and thus have to install the JRE first.

    It downloads this automatically but during installation aborts and tells me

    ERROR 1723 missing dll

    Is this a corrupted download or is something missing in W7?

    Thanks everyone

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    This may help: Java Fixer

    Java Is A Funny Language... Really!
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    Default Found!

    Hi everyone,

    first of all thanks to Goldest for his speedy reply; it made me think.

    The error resulted from a previous Java SDK not having been completely deleted from the Registry.

    I did a manual search and found existing links to the folders where nothing was anymore.

    Interestingly enough I used three different kinds of registry cleaners, including one that you have to pay for, who all ignored these links to none existing folders.

    Thanks to all

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