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    Arrow How to make EXE from code?

    Hello all,
    So, on a Windows macihne, I used the program "BlueJ" to write a short little text editing program - I have compiled it, an it runs great (-- that is, when I run it just through BlueJ). However, I now want to have the program as a 'free-standing' executable, .exe file that I can easily run on any windows computer.
    How can I do this?

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    This has been asked at least 5 times a month. The short answer is to use a Jar file. If you absolutely must make an exe and can't use a jar file, then please do yourself and all of us a favor and search this forum (and google) for the thousands of answers to this question. Let's lock this thread as there's no need to repeat a discussion that has already been done ad infinitum here.

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