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    Default can i listen to variable change in diffrent class

    well as the title states: is it possible for me to listen to a variable change in a diffrent class?

    im making a game in wich the ( within the view package) has to change the labels of a number of buttons if the gameStatus variable in in the model package) changes to false.

    i want the model package to be able to run even if the view package aint there. This for Junit testing later on ( its for school btw).

    however. i cant find a way to do this. at the moment i made a really ugly solution. whenever i change the variable's value i set a timer to timer.start this timer has set its repeat to false. and im listening to it from the

    is there a way if a variable is changed just like the way you listen if the timer is firing?

    like spel.timer.addActionListener();

    but then spel.spelStatus.addCheckIfChangedThingyListener();

    i spent 1 hour on google finding something like this but no results ( maybe google and i were better friends if he actually knew what i was looking for in this case).

    hope if you guys can help me :D thanks in advance

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    If I understand correctly, just write your own Listener interface. This is in my opinion one of the more important design patterns (see Observer pattern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Java provides a bare-bones way you can implement using pattern using a Property Change Listener
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    Note that property change listeners are probably more complex than is really necessary. Just write an entirely new interface, similar to the ActionListener interface.
    If the above doesn't make sense to you, ignore it, but remember it - might be useful!
    And if you just randomly taught yourself to program, well... you're just like me!

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