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    Default how creat linear combination of object

    hi everyone
    i want to encode packets in java before i will send to receiver and decode packet at receiver using identical seed both at sender and receiver.
    i have problem that packet is not physical packet just object .how i creat random number with idenrical seed and add to paket object and send to receiver.

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    Have to actually tried some code in this case? If yes, post it and tell us where have you stuck up exactly.

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    Random linear coding: When the queue is nonempty,
    the sender selects the first k packets,
    I1; : : : ; Ik, in the queue (where k = minf number
    of packets in queue, K and k is some preselected
    integer that characterizes the protocol). The
    collection I1; : : : ; Ik will be referred to as a bulk.
    i have done until here
    The sender proceeds to generate encoded packets
    based on the bulk.
    Each encoded packet A(I) is a random (or pseudorandom)
    linear combination
    A(I) =sum of all from i =0 to k
    R(A(I)) I(i)

    of the original information packets, where Ri(A(I)) are
    coefficients selected at random for each encoded
    packet from some field F.

    i try coding but i didnt build logic.ho i do it.
    pleae guide me

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