i want to creat multi object one class Receiver .After creating multiple object pass to constructor of other classes.

Receiver[] R1=new Receiver[4];
for(int i=1;i<=3;i++)
R1[i]=new Receiver(Que1,tid1,rRandom1,"Receiver",i);
WaitingQueue waitQue1 = new WaitingQueue(tid1,Que1,R1);
Channel ch1 = new Channel(waitQue1, q1, RTT1,FieldSize,tid,R1,chRandom1);
Bulk bulk1 = new Bulk(Que1,ch1,tid1,R1);
Sender sender1= new Sender(ch1,Que1,bulk1,tid1,R1,senRandom1,"Sender1" );
if i pass R1 to other contructor of class does it pass whole array or only the last reference.
is any body help me how i do this.