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    Default Java books. Help!

    Hey guyz, i'm new in java prog. I'l lyk for u to pls recommend books i can learn with and if possible the dwnld links

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    first start with this

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    Head First Java is one nice book.

    Try out for the download links on internet, in case if you are interested.

    Java Is A Funny Language... Really!
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    Well, that is a good question. It is almost impossible to answer that without knowing you. Your personality style and learning style matter.

    I have found that Sams Teach Yourself Java books have boosted me into programming much faster then I expected. When I get confused about these, I go to the library and get more books. I also love this guy on youtube named Bucky.

    YouTube - thenewboston's Channel

    honestly this is probably the best place for a beginner. Reading certain sites are just confusing. If you just want to get started and see if you even like Java go to that youtube page.

    Really you cannot go wrong with the Sams Teach Yourself books. I just got the Teach YOurself In 21 Days Java 6 book from my library. I also just completed the Teach yourself in 24hours.

    Oh and the Head first book (I also got from my library) I completed also. I found myself going back in forth from these two when i needed more information.

    Here is another site to bookmark.
    it explains a lot in detail.
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