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Because, I wasn't expecting anyone to post here since nobody had for such a long time. I could have posted, but I decided to let it go.
You have no control over when someone answers, and questions are often answered in 1-2 days.

Also, there are multiple ways to solve a problem, I could have 2 or 3 threads asking the same question, having multiple different ways. Which happened here because what Hibernate posted last was not discussed on the other forum.
And how does this argue that hibernate and others wouldn't benefit from seeing replies in other forum?

I know I probably should have posted a notification and I am sorry if I wasted anyone's time, but I assure you that Hibernate did not waste his time if was trying to help me because he did.
Apology appreciated, but again, nothing you are saying convinces any of us that you shouldn't notify regarding cross-posts. It's simple forum etiquette for here and most all programming fora.