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    Talking How big is too big? JAR file

    I am making a web application that is all bundled up in a JAR file. I am wondering how big is too big for the user to have to download. Please give your answer in 3 parts if possible...
    Part 1: - Size Range that is not too big at all
    Part 2: - Size Range that is a little big, but not unreasonable
    Part 3: Definately too big for user to have to download when they go to the website.

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    under 20 MB-Great
    under 100 MB-Good
    Under 500 MB-Ok (better be a really good program)
    over 500 Mb-BAD
    Hope I helped,

    PS: I don't know much about JAR files, but I am going off the download size for ANY file.

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