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Thread: Recursion tips?

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    Default Recursion tips?

    Hello, I was practicing on CodingBat and for the following exercise came up with the solution posted below. It works, but I can't help but feel that it's somewhat convoluted and inelegant. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean it up? Thanks in advance.

    Problem: Given a string, compute recursively a new string where all the lowercase 'x' chars have been moved to the end of the string.

    endX("xxre") → "rexx"
    endX("xxhixx") → "hixxxx"
    endX("xhixhix") → "hihixxx"

    Java Code:
    public String endX(String str) {
      String working = "";
      if (str.length() > 1){
        working = endX(str.substring(1));
        if (str.charAt(0) == 'x') {
          return (working+"x");
        else return (str.charAt(0)+working);
      else return str;

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