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    Default Changing IP to connect to chatrooms


    I can connect to a chatroom fine, perfectly, using sockets.

    I want to be able to change my IP and connect to the chatroom within a loop, if I can do that I can play around with it. If someone has an example code of being able to do this, that would be cool.

    I don't mind using proxies as well, but I have no clue. And I do have a dynamic IP.

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    I don't think it i possible from a Java application to have the ip address as it appears in the remote socket connection changed. The only thing we might be able to do is if the machine itself had multiple public IP address aliases, to have our client socket bind to a different local ip address. But these need to exist before our application starts in order for it to make use of them.

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    If you can figure out how to change your IP address in C/C++, you can use JNI.

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