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    Default Hashing

    Hello please help me with this code

    here wordcnt is a hashtable

    }//for words that are repeated more than once

    }//word that is first appeared

    The problem here is that if the word appeared for more than once its got replaced by 2nd one ...
    If I want to have both the first and next appeared words what I can do?

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    If you want to store Object instances with String keys and
    want to save all appearances of the key chronologically you can use
    HashMap<String, ArrayList<Object>>:

    Java Code:
    HashMap<String, ArrayList<Object>> map = new HashMap<String, ArrayList<Object>>();
    //A word is found and assigned to the variable 'key',
    //the value to store is assigned to 'value'.
    ArrayList<Object> list = map.get(key); //null if it does not exist yes
    if (list == null)
        list = new ArrayList<Object>();
        map.put(key, list);

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