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    Default convert resultSet to Instances

    Hello all!
    I dont know how can i convert resultSet to Instances in java.
    I want to use the Weka(data mining) to run on my db.
    the code that i have is:
    Java Code:
     connect = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:derby:C:/Documents and Settings/vitaly/.netbeans-derby/simple", "demo", "demo");
            statement = connect.createStatement();
            resultSet = statement.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM");
    I am using netbeans.
    I need to get the code that can do this:
    Instances data=(Instances)resultSet

    I tried to write this :

    Java Code:
             InstanceQuery query = new InstanceQuery();
     query.setQuery("select * from");
     // if your data is sparse, then you can say so too
     // query.setSparseData(true);
     Instances data = query.retrieveInstances();
    but get erros
    Trying to add database driver (JDBC): RmiJdbc.RJDriver - Error, not in CLASSPATH?
    thanks for helping

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    Search on how to iterate ResultSet, I think this will solve the code part, also check if all .jar files needed are imported and added to classpath, and check location of DB.

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