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    Default A simple program to log off a computer

    Hello Everyone,

    My kid uses computer a lot of time. Now I just want my kid to use computer with the amount of time I allow only and after that it will automatically log off the computer.

    So now I'm starting to write a simple Java program that will do 2 things:
    - the input (that I will enter) is the time to log off or the amount of time
    that means: if my kid is using computer at 4:00pm, when I run the Java program, I can enter either: 23 minutes or 4:23pm
    - the Java program will log off my kid after my kid uses the computer 23 minutes, or 4:23pm

    (my kid can use computer only after I log on the computer since I know the password and run the Java program).

    Please advise me how to write this program.

    Thank you

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    I don't think Java can do this (the logging off part; it can do everything else). A C++ application may be able to but you'd have to look elsewhere for this. Something like this may even already exist...

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