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    Default Generic Classes

    hi folks,
    i have a problem with a generic class.

    Java Code:
    abstract class Label<B extends Comparable<B>> implements Comparable<Label<B>>,Semiring<Label<B>>{
    	private B value;
    	 * Label constructor.
    	 * Sets the value of Label <tt>value</tt>.
    	 *  @param value
    	public Label(B value){
    		this.value = value;
    	 * Returns the value of Label <tt>value</tt>.
    	 * @return <tt> B </tt> , the label value
    	public B getValue(){
    		return value;
    anda i have 5 instance of Label, for Integer, Double, ...
    Because the operations define in Semiring are diferent for each type.

    Java Code:
    public class LabelInteger extends Label<Integer>{
    	public LabelInteger(){
    	public LabelInteger(Integer value){
    Other class that i have is

    when i make a new Label, i do

    Java Code:
     Label<Integer> label1 want = new LabelInteger(1);
    i want to do

    Java Code:
     Label<Integer> label1 = new Label<Integer>(1);
    any suggestion??
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