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Thread: Allocate memory

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    Default Allocate memory


    I have the following problem:

    I am trying to create binary search tree.
    I have my dictionary from the type NodeType and I give it at the function insert(). In the function insert I use new NodeType() to fill it in

    BUT: If i print the value after this insertfunction in the main. I get an seg fault. My data given at this parameter disappears after the insert function. Does anyone have an idea wy / how to resolve this?

    Thank you

    Java Code:
    class Main{
      public static void main(String []args){
    	  BinTree tree = new BinTree();
    	 [B] tree.insert(10, tree.dictionary);[/B]
    	  tree.insert(5, tree.dictionary);
    	  System.out.println(tree.isMember(10, tree.dictionary));
    	  System.out.println(tree.isMember(5, tree.dictionary));
    class NodeType{
    	public int value;
    	public NodeType leftChild, rightChild;
    class BinTree{
    	[B]NodeType dictionary;[/B]
    	boolean isEmpty(){
    		return (dictionary == null);
    	boolean isMember(int val, NodeType d){
    		if(d == null){
    			return false;
    		} else if (d.value == val)
    			return true;
    		else if (val  < d.value)
    			return (isMember(val, d.leftChild));
    		else if (val > d.value)
    			return (isMember(val, d.rightChild));
    		return false;
    	void makeNull(){
    		dictionary = null;
    	[B]void insert(int value, NodeType d){[/B]
    		if(d == null){
    			d = new NodeType();
    			d.leftChild = null;
    			d.rightChild = null;
    			d.value = value;
    		} else if (value < d.value){
    			insert(value, d.leftChild);
    		else {
    			insert(value, d.rightChild);

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    Your insertion method is wierd. Does it really have to have a reference to the tree it's being inserted into? It just complicates things. Keep a record of your root node, and upon insertion recursively go down the tree till you hit a null.
    Ever seen a dog chase its tail? Now that's an infinite loop.

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