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    Default Problems adding new method to an extending abstract class

    In the program class:
    URL url = new URL("");
    extURLConnection c = new extURLConnection(url.openConnection());
    if (c.isConnected){

    In URLConnection I cant access the attribute connected (that shows if i got a connection or not). so I want to add a method that return that attribute.

    So I created a class called extURLConnection that extends URLConnection. As method connect() is abstract I must define this class as abstract. And this is here I get problems. Cause of this i cant initiate this class (as i written above). So how do I implement this isConnected method? Is it possible to do it in another way? I've read some thing about Interfaces, can it be done with that?

    class DpURLConnection extends URLConnection{
    DpURLConnection(URLConnection URLConn){

    public boolean isConnected(){
    return this.connected;

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    You can't do this, at least not without writing your own versions of HttpURLConnection etc.

    Why do you need to know about the connected flag? It's for internal use only.

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