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    Default Java Books basic

    Hi guys, i'm looking for a basic book which teaches Java in a simple way. I am a beginner at java and i really want to learn and get better at it.

    Which books would you recommend. I've taken a look at 'Java Demystified' and that looks pretty good, but would you suggest any others which aren't too complex?

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    If your new to programming completely i'd give beginging java for dummies, it goes really slow and is generally ok, but then you need to move on to something like objects first with java to teach you the proper approach. But there is also a lot online try - The Java™ Tutorials if you want to learn form the source.

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    Im in a situation fairly similar to yours, it really depends on what you like in books, do you prefer a book with good examples and exercises, or can you learn better with a very detailed description?

    I am going to assume you would learn better with good examples and some exercises, I have not quite found a great book, but currently, I am reading Thinking in java 4th, which I feel is a more detailed book with mediocre challenge and examples.

    I am also currently reading sams teach yourself java in 21 days, which is a little better with explaining and has a few exercises after each chapter and some decent examples throughout the book.

    One thing that has been suggested to me and I will suggest to you, is get multiple books and have multiple other places. More supplemental material seems to be a great advantage when learning.

    Finally, I have recently ordered head first java, it has not arrived yet, but I have read good things about it. To get a good idea of strings, arrays, and basic logic, check out:
    CodingBat Java

    sun tutorials are good as well:
    The Java™ Tutorials

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    My personal preference is Head First series by Kathy and Bert.

    But as Sunde has said, you should first decide what are you comfortable with? Detailed descriptions, simple exercises, visual examples, complex logics or whatsoever. Go for the book that will suit your style of learning. Different authors have different ways of teaching, so finalize one of them and get along with it.

    Best of Luck,

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