I am not a Java developer and have no knowledge of how it works. I am a Flash designer and am fairly proficient at ActionScript 3 (EcmaScript).

I am looking for a solutions to expose touch events from Apple Trackpads (such as the Magic Trackpad blue tooth or the internal MacBook Pro trackpad) to the OS (either Mac OSX or Win7) so I can use these touch events for multitouch scripting. Here is an example of how it works with a touch enabled display: gotoAndLearn() - Free video tutorials from Lee Brimelow on Adobe Flash

My goal is to get similar touch events that the display provides in that example, but with the Apple Magic Trackpad which only sends gesture events (no raw touch data).

I have not been able to find any Flash based solutions, however I found a promising solution someone created in Java. It can be found here:
Glulogic - Workbench - Java API for Mac Trackpad Multitouch*example

I was hoping someone on this forum would be kind enough to tell me if there is any chance this solution might work for transmitting standard touch events to the OS, so I can use them in Flash. Or is there any other possible solution to getting what I need through this. I appreciate any help. As I am not a Java dev I am a bit lost. Thank you much!