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    Default Java Rollovers not showing Swap Image

    I am new to Java and I hope I have come to the right place. I am currently working on my first website and working on creating the navigation bar. I have the nav bar working for the most part (I have flyout menus that work fine) except the main button Swap Image does not work. The image will not change when I mouse over the image. When I point the Swap Image to ../filename the rollover does not work, but if I point the Swap Image to a full path on my hard drive it seems to work fine. I have included the code for one of my nav buttons. Any help or suggestions would be great...Thanks.

    <td rowspan="2"><a href="../Index.html" onmouseout="MM_swapImgRestore()" onmouseover="MM_swapImage('HomeButtonSlice_s1','', '../HomeButtonSlice_s2.gif',1)"><img name="HomeButtonSlice_s1" src="../HomeButtonSlice_s1.gif" width="55" height="13" border="0" id="HomeButtonSlice_s1" alt="" /></a></td>

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    Those onMouseXxx() methods are actually JavaScript, where as this is actually a forum for Java. They're different languages, so you might want to google for a more appropriate forum.

    If the MM_swapImage stuff belongs to a particular JavaScript library you could well find that there is a forum devoted specifically to its use. (I've just googled myself: try putting MM_swapImage into google. It seems to be DreamWeaver thing, so Adobe might be your best bet.)

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