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    Default wat is the unicode of '?' ? 63 or 128

    public class D{
    public static void main(String[] argv){
    char a = '?';
    int b = 128;
    System.out.println(" a: " +(int)a);
    System.out.println(" b: " +(char)b);



    how it is possible. I have assigned '?' to char variable a and it is printing 63.
    also assigned value 123 to int var b and its printing ?.

    then wat is the actual unicode of '?' ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagdeesh123 View Post
    then wat is the actual unicode of '?' ?
    The unicode code point for the question mark character is 63 (decimal) or u003F (hexadecimal); the code 128 or u0080 is a unicode control character and is often displayed as ? because it doesn't have a representation of its own.
    Also have a look at Unicode Consortium

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