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    Default Launch a Jdialog from menů

    Hi everybody, I'm very very new in Java and I would like to implement some project: Now I'm using NetBeans 7, I had just create a simple project with a Main form and 3 JDialog Form.
    In my Main Form I have an Menů with some MenuItem, every menuItem will be launch a Jdialog.
    By Netbeans I can link an action from menů at form, but when i need write code for those action I can't understend how to do.
    I have see the code for the AboutBox action in the menů, I had try to replicate that code, but don't work.
    Someone can help me?

    The code that for Action to show AboutBox
    public void showAboutBox() {
    if (aboutBox == null) {
    JFrame mainFrame = VigiliDelFuocoApp.getApplication().getMainFrame();
    aboutBox = new VigiliDelFuocoAboutBox(mainFrame);
    ---this code work---
    but if i try to copy and past with modify:
    public void showAboutBox() {

    JFrame mainFrame = VigiliDelFuocoApp.getApplication().getMainFrame();
    AnaBox = new VigiliDelFuocoAnagrafica(mainFrame);


    This action don't work

    Tank you for help

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    Reading generated code isn't the best, or even a good, way to learn Swing coding. Go through the tutorials instead.
    Trail: Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing (The Java™ Tutorials)


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