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    Unhappy Help ! Read from txt to array an than search

    hi everyone .. i want to make read file send array and seach something

    10 A Z
    11 A B
    12 B U
    13 B G

    A 1
    B 2
    Z 3
    U 4
    G 5

    if user write to A in textfield


    a = z(3+10) --- b(3+11)
    b= u(2+12) --- g(2+13)

    anyone help me ?

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    anyone help me ?

    (1) Begin with a clear description of the contents of the input files. (How many elements are there in each line of a file? How are they separated? Are the numeric elements always distinct within a file? Are the other elements always an upper case letter? Are there any other constraints on the elements of a line?)

    (2) Formulate a precise description of the desired output for any given input.


    Then, later, begin to code.

    Your description answering point (1) will help you create classes instances of which might represent the data in a file. Or other, simpler, data structures if they are sufficient. For instance you might represent the text files as a list of string arrays.

    Much later you can address the questions of the two tasks your program must perform:

    * populating the data structures from the file

    * searching within the data structures for a match with some given input.

    Much, much, later you can being work on a GUI. (If that was the intention of your post's reference to the input coming from a text field.)


    This is all very general. For more specific help we need a (or more specific) question. That is, describe what you are doing - not the desired end result, but the actual steps you are taking to get there - and supply the code that is giving rise to the problem.
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