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    Default Import doubles from excel

    Dear Experts,

    I need to use data from excel in my Java program, in a very sophisticated way.

    The excel file I got is C:/butene.xls . I has one column A1-A970 with doubles in it.

    My program runs a loop:

    for (i=0;i<MAX;i++)
    with lots of code in it;
    double L0_But;

    I need that L0_But at i==1 is cell A1, L0_But at i==2 is cell A2, ... L0_But at i==970 is A970

    Is there anyone who knows how to this. Or anyone who has a code that does exactly the same.

    I'm a complete novice so it should be the simplest solution possible - (sql) probably.


    Anders Nielsen


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    Google for Apache POI HSSF (or XSSF for 2007) or Andy Khan's JExcel (don't know if it works for 2007).

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