Hey, I am pretty new to java, but not programming (well a real language(PHP is what I use))
I have my database it is filled with letters that represent diff tiles

g = grass
t = tree
d = dirt
w = water
etc. and they have a value the value would be used to see if the user could clip threw the tile.. now you dont want player walking threw tree's walls etc.

The database has x, y coords

I can connect to the database and retrieve the user data
but I am confused on how I would load the tile map.

another thing A old friend of mine was working on a java mmo(it got pretty far) and he drew a big map and he would get the pixel color from the map ( basic colors like green etc..) and it would turn each pixel from the map into a tile ( I think he said something about pixelgrabber but I am not sure)

So, I am just asking basic questions but a bit advanced for a newbie java user

also I get confused on diff class's

I have my connection.java file that I would like to add to my game.java but I am not sure how. they are all in the same package.

Thanks in advance