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    Default Collision between 2 rectangles

    Here are my 2 rectangles:


    g.fillRect(x, y,rect2.width,rect2.width);

    It has the x and y coordinates and the width and height for both, but i cant figure out how to have the collision detected. Im new to this so i dont really know what to do. The only thing ive tried is

    if x<=(rect.x +rect.width);{
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(frame, "You Lose");

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Draw this on a piece of paper:
    1) A rectangle intersecting another rectangle.
    2) A rectangle beside another rectangle.

    From here, you can figure out the exact criteria that you need in order for your rectangles to overlap. (That is, what combination of Xs and widths constitute a horizontal overlap, and the same for Ys and heights for a vertical overlap).

    Next, you can put this to a series of statements in your program. Say, for example, that a requirement is that your X value plus Width is greater than the target's X value. You'd do something like this: (x + width > rect.x).

    Then you can put this to an if statement like yours above. If I were you though I'd take another look at that though--your if statement isn't quite proper syntax.

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