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    Default Guidance Please :)

    I'm interested in eventually hosting a custom MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) that I make from scratch. I want to completely write it in java. My question is what would you (as the java community) suggest that I know before I start such an epic endeavor.

    This is what I have on my to-do list so far.

    -Continue my studies into the Java Language (I'm somewhere between begginer and intermediate now.)

    -Learn to Use JMonkeyEngine3 (any good tutorial sites or references would be helpful)

    -Figure out how to handle peoples account information in a database. (User names, passwords, achievements, stats, allow players to play on the same server, etc etc etc.) Java Server Pages Perhaps?

    -Also since im still on #1 on my todo list, can you create graphics in JME3 or do you need a third party renderer like Blender, and if so which would you suggest.

    **Any suggestions on top of the things that I have listed would be fantastic! I'm looking for guidance so I can make more focused study schedules for the next few months**

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    Unless you got a fierce ambition and drive stick to this:

    Continue my studies into the Java Language (I'm somewhere between begginer and intermediate now.)

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    I hate to kind of throw a bucket of water in the face, but here's a list of things on MY to-do list for my MMORPG:
    Java Code:
    Main Game Class (ongoing) (setup finished)
    Basic integration
    Language Files (ongoing) (setup finished)
    Statistics (ongoing)
    Sending requests to server (ongoing) (setup finished)
    Handling data from server (ongoing)
    Player Data
    <Pivot Step>
    Loading models/skins/data
    Interface-related data transfer
    2D Rendering Engine
    Initial texturing (2D)
    Caching models/skins/data
    Adding items to framework
    Adding NPCs to framework (incl. dialog)
    Adding creatures to framework
    Interface rendering & interaction
    Music interface & implementation
    3D Rendering Engine
    3D modelling & texturing
    Movement on grid- or navmesh-based paths
    Also notice the "Pivot Step" point--that is a step that includes everything else not included in that list, because this isn't all that has to be done.

    Also realize that you have to allot for game content addition; that is, designing characters, dialog, voice acting (if applicable), stories, skills, etcetera.

    In addition, my list is a pretty basic to-do list. It doesn't detail the requirements for each point. As a quick example, the "3D Rendering Engine" section (and two underneath) involve learning jME3, utilizing it, and creating models and textures that operate with it.

    Additionally you will eventually need a server with which clients can communicate. During initial development you can use your own computer as the server, but this will eventually need to be expanded on.

    In short, you have a lot of preparation to do before you get in this for the long haul. Perhaps you might want to try something a little simpler, first? You could even try making this game you envision in 2D with no MMO capability--it would at least give you a grip on what is yet to come.

    No matter what you decide, this forum and its resources are available to you for help and assistance when you get stuck. Best of luck in your endeavor!

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