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    Default binarysearchtree problems help!

    Hi. Im new this this forum. I came up with some questions. could u give me simple explanation and answers if you can?


    2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9 10

    in which order are the nodes printed by the BinarySearchTree.print()?
    (there are suppose to be an arrow but I donno how to draw here so..)

    2. those elements are inserted into a binary search tree. need drawing that shows the resulting tree after insertion.


    if you can help me quickly I would be very appriciated.

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    if you can help me quickly I would be very appriciated

    People here are very glad to help. How fast they provide that help is up to them and it is quite unlikely that they consider that you should be given preferential treatment and be helped more quickly than anyone else.

    But to help you we need a question!

    If you have a question (something you have read that you don't understand. A diagram or solution you have come up with, but are not quite sure about) then ask away. But please understand that this is not a homework service and that very few here think that they would be helping you by providing solutions to your assignments.

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