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    Smile Multiple interactions with same socket

    hey frnds,
    m trying 2 create a messenger application which provides one to one chat like a chat room..... like by clicking at name of other client and start chatting and number of clients at same time.....

    So can anybody tell me how to manage the threads in such a way that chatting with multiple sockets with a single socket.....

    please reply as soon as possible.


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    A socket can only connect to one address at once. If you run a P2P chat (i.e. there is no server involved) then you need multiple sockets set up--one for each chat.

    If you have a server, you can set it up to run the multiple sockets to every connected client, then have the clients send their data through a single socket back to the server.

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    Expanding on what Zack said, you'd send a string back to your server containing the names or IDs of the intended recipients along with the message itself. The server would then parse those names or IDs and forward the message to the other sockets accordingly.
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