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    Exclamation Arraylist problem Sort Date , alphabetically

    Hello guys,

    I've 2 problems.

    - the first one, my english is bad (because im dutch;)).

    - and the second problem is that I dont know how to sort my arraylist.
    Java Code:
    private ArrayList<Persoon> personen;
        public PersonenLijstklasse ()
        public void personenLijst(){
            personen = new ArrayList<Persoon>();
            personen.add(new Student("Karel","Jansen","M","07-04-1990","BI","Piet van Roekel"));
            personen.add(new Student("Frank","Bos","M","07-01-1989","CMD","Piet van Roekel"));
            personen.add(new Student("Coen","Geluk","M","07-02-1991","TI","Ronald de Boer"));
            personen.add(new Leraar("Piet","van Roekel","M","03-01-1970",8,"PVR"));
            personen.add(new Leraar("Jaap","de Mol","M","05-05-1969",7,"JDM"));
            personen.add(new Leraar("Ronald","de Boer","M","06-06-1975",9,"RDB"));
    Im trying to create a method that sort the arraylist by date( and a method that sort the array by first name.

    how can i do that the best way?
    I've tryed a lot, but most of the time I get errors or it does not work as I expected:(

    Thanks in advance!!

    Greetings, ob3lix

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