i'm trying to do a chess game, not exactly a real one with all the rules, but almost.
First i have to make the board, fill it with all the chess figures and then move these figures without any rule, except the bishop. This one has to have the rules how to move.

well my problem is that i have done all of that, but i'm having problem how to implement a method to end the program when i give the same inputs.
for exp. when i pres 1|1- 1|1 the program should end.
Anybody has an idea?
i tried to do it like this
Java Code:
private boolean exit;
public void setexit();
boolean exit=true;}
and then on the users class when i have to give the comands
i write
Java Code:
while (user1 ends move)
{scan cordinates
if(row==dRow||col=dCol){ //row&col(state for coordinates of the figure that i want to move) and dRow&dCol for the end position 
but what my programs does is,
if 1player gives these coordinate then it passes the turn to the 2nd player,
but i don't want that.....

Please if anybody has any idea i would really appreciate it