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    Default the very very very basics of java2d

    hey everyone,

    Last year at school we started with java. We only made calculation programs without anything graphical. Now I want to start making 2d stuff. I want to begin with the stupidest stuff like moving a ball on screen or something. But the problem is I really have no idea how to start.

    I use eclipse to program. Does it need packages, jarfiles or something to program in 2d? The internet is full off tutorials but nothing which answers my questions. Once I get this to work, most of the online coding tutorials will help me through. But its the beginning I don't get. :confused::o

    Thanks in advance for reading this in the first place! ;)

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    Here's the basic tutorial: Painting in AWT and Swing
    You could check out my (woefully un-updated) blog that has code samples of a few Java2D programs:
    Or just google something like "java 2d painting" and you'll find a bunch of resources.

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